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We look forward to serving all of your health care needs. Our practice is designed to provide a caring atmosphere to treat all members of your family. We're glad you're here, and we look forward to taking care of your loved ones and treating them with the compassionate care they deserve.

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Meet the Practitioner

Marilyn Walkey

Marilyn Walkey practices Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics in Tigard, Oregon. New clients are a priority, and scheduling is guaranteed within 3 weeks. “I believe that Functional Medicine is the medicine of the future. I am now healing clients from chronic illnesses where conventional medicine only offers suppressive pharmaceuticals.” Walkey received the Physician of the Year award for Holistic Medicine in Portland in 2019.

Flying Crane Holistic Medicine 7875 SW Alden St.
Portland, OR 97223-9336 US

PHONE: (503) 608-8155 Fax: (503) 244-3015



"Tracy P-H February, 2014 If you have a chronic condition and you are tired of treating with anti-depressants or pain meds call Dr. Walkey. She has the expertise of an Internal Medicine doctor and gets amazingly better results with natural medicine. All that with no side effects. "
Tracy P-H
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"Dr. Marilyn Walkey is the finest physician I know. She is compassionate, intelligent, intuitive and an incredibly gifted healer. I trust her completely with my health and well-being, on all levels. She has (and continues to) help me unravel the medical complications caused by a lifetime of physical and emotional problems."
Lisa Lucas January, 2014
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"Thank you for sharing Dr. Walkey! You are such a blessing. God led me to you. In all my years I've never had a doctor who lights up when talking about our Savior! I love that the Bible refers to our bodies as a temple. Only God could show us what unconditional, steadfast love really looks like. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). "
Julie Bizer, Sept 26, 2010
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"She was wonderful in treating both my husband & I during my husband's cancer treatments! I loved that she viewed treating the spouse of a cancer patient as important, as well as treating the patient, himself! Dr. Walkey is sensitive and knowledgeable and very helpful to assisting other to restore good health! "
Shera Kelly July 27, 2010
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"Over the course of a lifetime, I have become increasingly wary of Doctors--not to mention uncomfortable in their offices! Imagine my pleasant surprise to have found a Physician in this day and age who answers her own phone, works out of her home, and most important of all, inspires both trust and confidence: I find it hard to even remember the miserable state which brought me to her doorstep. "
Dirk Nelson July 20, 2010
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"Marilyn is wonderful to work with. Very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I highly recommend her. "
Gary Olson July 18, 2010
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"If I could accurately rate Dr. Walkey I would give her a 100 star rating and that would be too low. I am writing this for anyone who has an illness and has been misdiagnosed and mistreated at the hands of Western medicine practitioners."
Kevin Bonthuis July 14, 2010
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"Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found Dr. Walkey. Thanks to my visits with her, I feel positive and hopeful about the state of my health. "
Alice Michael July 4, 2010
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