Dietary Cleanse Protocol

Dr. Walkey recommends the following Dietary Cleanse Protocol for rapid and efficient cleansing, using the body's immune system and energetic system to choose the timing and amount of toxin release. Once the toxins have been cleared from the fatty tissues of the body, then weight loss occurs with little or no effort.


Nutritional Cleansing & Replenishing from Laura Washington

Shake Days are Days 1-6

For 6 days in a row, do Peatein/PaleoGreen milkshakes using 2 scoops of each powder mixed with Kangen water, add unsweetened almond milk and raw egg (optional). After blending, the shake should be consumed within 30 minutes, since there are enzymes activated by the blending process. Shakes are meal substitutes for 2 meals- either breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner.

On shake days, you eat a single healthy meal of approximately 400-600 calories.

During the shake days, you are encouraged to drink 6-8 glasses of Kangen water, exercise 20 minutes, and sleep abundantly. During shake days, and the fast day, you are allowed 2 snacks of about 100 calories; for example, 5 toasted almonds, or half of a protein bar (avoid really high glycemic index foods like carrots or raisins).

Fast Day is Day 7 (choose a busy day, so you are distracted from hunger) Day 7 is a fast day. You drink 8 oz. of Kangen water mixed with 2 squirts of "Cleanse Remedy" four times a day today. You may have 2 snacks today. You may require a mild laxative to encourage bowel evacuation (Dr. Walkey uses a Chinese herbal formula-Ma Zi Ren Wan 5 pills).