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2 weeks ago-
Dr Walkey is a doctor who is truly curious and seeks to understand all aspects of medicine, which allows her to give us practical advance on the major tweaks to improve the overall body.

Standard medical care failed us, so much so that I gave up seeing doctors and spent countless hours doing my own research on health, tracking, and experimenting for myself and my children. I figured out custom dietary needs for our family members, relevant herbs/supplements based on body type and symptoms, reduced toxins/EMF, etc. But still, I was stumped with my son's condition. I clearly needed professional guidance, but with whom, since every doctor we've seen to date probably made things worse instead of better.

Timing was perfect - a friend referred me to Dr Walkey. With specific lab tests, Dr Walkey identified major issues, in particular, the invisible mold in our belongings. Once she pointed this out, it occurred to me that when I was pregnant with my son, the place we were renting from had a plumbing problem behind our bedroom wall. We never saw inside the wall, but likely, mold was growing, which apparently spreads to all our belongings. After we took Dr Walkey's advice and threw out anything we couldn't wash, my son noticed a shift in the environment that evening and slept better on the floor! In fact, I had mold symptoms and didn't even realize it - my sensitivity to light and bumpy skin patch significantly improved.

Addressing chronic health conditions take time, which I understand, so we are still working through her program and look forward to continued health improvements.

Note: I noticed that some comments here state that she appears "rude". Honestly, I think what some people see as "rude" is actually her frankness and cut-to-the-chase way of sharing her knowledge and experience. I think it is a breathe of fresh air to talk to such an informed physician. Because of what I know about health today, her approach and style makes complete sense to me. If I had met her a decade earlier, I probably would have a different opinion, because I came from the standard of care model (i.e., give me a pill that should do something for the symptom [not the underlying cause] immediately or at least by a week or two). Now, I know that true and lasting health comes from tweaks to nudge your body in the right direction so that it can course correct itself before the onset of serious diseases.Lucille

Lori L
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2 months ago-
As a mother I searched for answers to my daughters health challenges for 20 years. We never found any solutions, and she learned to push through and pretend she was OK. At 27 and as the lead instructor on a 20 day backpacking trip in CT she got Lyme disease. He body could no longer pretend to hold it together and her health crashed. By the time we found Dr Walkey she was so ill she could barely walk across the room.

In the last 5 months Dr Walkey ran her own series of tests and started healing my daughter to rebuild her health. With 40+ years of practicing medicine she has a long list of healing modalities and is willing to dig deep for answers.

Tests now show Dr. Walkey's treatment plan has eliminated all of the parasites in my daughters body, and the bacteria has been greatly reduced. My daughter still has healing to do, but I am confident Dr. Walkey will lead her to a stronger healthier body than she has had in over a decade.

Dr. Walkey is a true healer. I think she is a genius! I am so grateful to have found her for my daughter. I am happy to report my daughter has started climbing at the rock gym and she tells me she is no longer in pain. I look forward to having my vibrant daughter back and seeing what new doors will open for her in her life thanks to Dr. Walkey. I have written this review with a full heart and I really do not know how to say thank you.

cambor t wade
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6 months ago
Dr Walkey is a very passionate physician who really seeks to understand the genesis of one's illness, orders only responsible test to support her diagnoses. I'm impressed and I've worked with quite a few doctor's over the years.

Natalie Bay
Natalie Bay
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10 months ago
I have been seeing Dr Walkey for quite awhile. I came in searching for reasons for all my health concerns. She knew exactly what was wrong with me and started testing to find out how to treat me. My health is gradually getting better and I'm very thankful I've stayed the course with her. She's so much fun to talk to and I feel like she's a friend. I would recommend her to anyone who is having health issues and traditional doctors cannot figure it out.
Mark Crook
Mark Crook
2 reviews
9 months ago
Oh my goodness, where do I even begin? I think Dr. Marilyn Walkey is the best of the best period! I was blessed to have found her when I was having health challenges. I first reached out to her because I had Achilles tendinitis, a few acupuncture treatments resolved this completely! Dr. Walkey helped me more than any doctor has ever been able to help me with any health concerns. My health improved so much under her care. I can't begin to tell her thank you enough. One thing that always impressed me is that she is always learning and studying to improve her knowledge so she can help her patients in every way possible. I always found her to be a great listener and very compassionate. She is very confident in her practice and has had great results with many many patients who have come to see her and get help resolving their heath issues. I highly recommend her to anyone who has hit a wall with their health and would like to finally see a Doctor who can help.
Unfortunately for me, the company I work for only offers Moda Health insurance coverage and it fails to recognize Doctor's like Marilyn who actually help patients get well again. So because of this I haven't been able to see her for acupuncture or anything else. I miss her greatly and miss interacting with her as she is really a neat and special person. I wish the best for her and her practice and I hope if you are in need of some healing for yourself that you will give her a call today!

"Tracy P-H February, 2014 If you have a chronic condition and you are tired of treating with anti-depressants or pain meds call Dr. Walkey. She has the expertise of an Internal Medicine doctor and gets amazingly better results with natural medicine. All that with no side effects. "
- Tracy P-H

"Dr. Marilyn Walkey is the finest physician I know. She is compassionate, intelligent, intuitive and an incredibly gifted healer. I trust her completely with my health and well-being, on all levels. She has (and continues to) help me unravel the medical complications caused by a lifetime of physical and emotional problems. There are no western medical practitioner who come within miles of the type of healing she provides. She has changed my life! "
- Lisa Lucas January, 2014

"Thank you for sharing Dr. Walkey! You are such a blessing. God led me to you. In all my years I've never had a doctor who lights up when talking about our Savior! I love that the Bible refers to our bodies as a temple. Only God could show us what unconditional, steadfast love really looks like. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). "
- Julie Bizer, Sept 26, 2010

"She was wonderful in treating both my husband & I during my husband's cancer treatments! I loved that she viewed treating the spouse of a cancer patient as important, as well as treating the patient, himself! Dr. Walkey is sensitive and knowledgeable and very helpful to assisting other to restore good health! "
- Shera Kelly July 27, 2010

"Over the course of a lifetime, I have become increasingly wary of Doctors--not to mention uncomfortable in their offices! Imagine my pleasant surprise to have found a Physician in this day and age who answers her own phone, works out of her home, and most important of all, inspires both trust and confidence: I find it hard to even remember the miserable state which brought me to her doorstep. "
- Dirk Nelson July 20, 2010

"Marilyn is wonderful to work with. Very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I highly recommend her. "
- Gary Olson July 18, 2010

"If I could accurately rate Dr. Walkey I would give her a 100 star rating and that would be too low. I am writing this for anyone who has an illness and has been misdiagnosed and mistreated at the hands of Western medicine practitioners.Dr. Walkey saved my life. I had been very sick for three years and was dying when by good fortune I saw her website. After 3 years I could not find one doctor who could tell me what was wrong with me. I had 4 CT scans and every possible test and yet I was so ill I could barely make it to her office. I knew that she was an expert in diagnosing CT scans as well as a cutting edge acupuncturist and asked her if she would look at mine. After she was able to view my scans I was told by Dr. Walkey that she saw a life threatening major diaphragmatic rupture on the CT scan and that I needed surgery immediately.I was absolutely in shock. Four CT scans had been misdiagnosed by four doctors at a major Portland hospital over a 2 year period. It took Dr. Walkey one look and she had solved the mystery of my illness.She then led the way arranging for my surgery one week later working with my primary care doctor and a thoracic surgeon.During my stay in the hospital she and her husband came to visit me twice just to see how I was doing.After I got home from the hospital she came to my house for the first month and gave me acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments to assist in my recovery.Today as I write this I know that I would not be here with my family if not for Dr. Walkey. She is the greatest doctor and healer I have ever met and I have seen many, many doctors. She is a wonderful person with a huge heart and a tremendous intellect. We are very lucky to have her with us here in Portland. If you are struggling with an illness she is the doctor you want to talk to.Thank you Dr. Walkey for everything you have done for me and my family. Our gratitude and blessings to you always. I will never forget what you have done for me. "
- Kevin Bonthuis July 14, 2010

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found Dr. Walkey. Thanks to my visits with her, I feel positive and hopeful about the state of my health. "
- Alice Michael July 4, 2010

"In 2008, I had a series of stressful events in my life over 8 months which eventually led to severe pain in my mid-upper back, left shoulder, and low back. I went to my Family Practice doctor and she gave me Flexeril. After 2 months, this didn't help so she sent me to an Orthopedic doc. He did an MRI, and said there was nothing wrong, and put me on Tramadol. Then I was referred to a Neurologist who did nerve conduction studies, another negative result, so he sent me to a Psychiatrist. He gave me Paxil, and said I was depressed. Then I went to a Naturopathic doctor (ND). She gave me 18 supplements and said I had adrenal insufficiency, was slightly hypothyroid, and needed my neurotransmitters balanced. Finally after $7K in medical expenses, I found Dr. Walkey on the internet.

Dr. Walkey saved me from all this healthcare incompetency. She did 3 acupuncture treatments, on my back, shoulder and between my shoulder blades, where I was carrying all my stress, and all my pain disappeared. She evaluated me with Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) for all the medications I was on: the only one which was helping me was the fish oil. All the pills given by the MD's and 17 of the pills given by the Naturopathic doctor were harming my physiology. I stopped everything, including all thoses supposedly "healthy" supplements from the ND, and I felt like a new person. Since then, Dr. Walkey has tuned my body with acupuncture, and Chinese herbal formulas (created up to 2,000 years ago). I call Dr. Walkey first whenever I get sick. Docs like her are the answer to the healthcare crisis in this country. Dr. Walkey says "Healing Beyond Western Medicine" and she delivers on her promise! "

- JanetC PhD (Clin.Psych) Mar 2, 2010

"I came to Dr Walkey last November with terrible diarrhea after every meal since my laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in 2007. I am a 32 year old ICU nurse, and had excellent health, prior to my surgery. I tried the VA Hospital acupuncturist, Dr. Diane Miller, and she couldn't help me over the past 2 years. I went to a Kaiser Gastroenterologist and he also had nothing that helped me. Finally I found Dr. Walkey. She explained that the antibiotics which were given to me after surgery had caused the Dumping Syndrome. With the right Chinese herbal formula, and acupuncture treatments, I was healed in 2 weeks. Since then I have seen Dr. Walkey every week for my other issues---insomnia, sugar cravings, acne, stress-related shoulder spasms, and even Rhinovirus sinusitis. She has healed all my problems so easily! I told Dr. Walkey at my last appointment, "I feel better now than I ever have in my entire life." That's what acupuncture and Chinese herbs can do: give you back your health. "
- HannaRN Jan 24, 2010