Marilyn Walkey

Marilyn Walkey

Marilyn Walkey

Looking back on my 33 year career in medicine sometimes astounds me. I was so involved, and so committed to the western medical viewpoint for 21 years, practicing exclusively in hospital situations, with the sickest patients under my care. Then in 2001, my world turned upside down. I began to see the serious problems in the western medical paradigm. In fact, the corruption seemed so insurmountable to me, that I quit western medicine.

Within 6 months, I was bored. So I went back to medical school for a second time. But this time I attended the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. After four years, and a Master's degree, I embarked on my present practice of Holistic medicine.

In 2016, I was chosen by "Voices in America", a public TV program hosted by James Earl Jones, to represent the "Integrative and Holistic medical doctor" for the United States, in their series entitled OPTIMIZING HEALTH.

You can see a short clip of my practice below under Video Gallery. Just click the first video

My present medical practice is highly specialized: I only work with clients with severe, chronic medical issues where western medicine has been unsuccessful. I also require patients to have health insurance coverage. This allows me to treat people for months to years. And in chronic illnesses like Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and genetic detoxification issues, it often takes years to really clean up the patient's micro-environment at the cellular level. Western pharmaceuticals are band-aids, which hold people in unhealthy physical and emotional patterns, and PREVENT the possibility of actually healing to a state of health. I discourage clients from doing vaccinations, which contain many toxic substances which are not disclosed to the public (see Dr. Judith Mikovits PhD book "Plague"). The best immunity from influenza, pneumococcal pneumonia, measles, and whooping cough is natural immunity. Natural immunity is healthy, lasts longer, and has no toxic side effects like autism and ADD/ADHD.

Throughout my career in medicine, I have continued to actively pursue new avenues of healing. I attend numerous medical conferences every year, and am now fully trained in BodyTalk, PaRama (using intuition to find & resolve issues), Applied Kinesiology, Rubimed homeopathics to treat emotional issues including PTSD, NeuroModulation Technique, Byron White Formulas, Visceral Manipulation, Chikly Lymphatic drainage, Chikly Brain technique, Paracelsus Biological Medicine (Dr. Thomas Rau MD), Innovative Medicine (Dr. Thomas Schulz MD), Academy of International BioEnergetics (Dr. Robert Cass ND), Dr. Andreas Marx ND (German drainage therapy) Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD (chronic Lyme disease), Applied Homotoxicology (Baden-Baden, Germany), Phytobiophysics by Dr. Diana Mossop, PhD and many others. I am a member of the AIHM, the most forward thinking, and advanced organization teaching medical doctors how to move out of "band-aid" medicine, and into the healing arena.

My journey in the healing field continues....on a daily basis. I strive to be present in the now, with all my clients, and to explore the depths of our human existence which is so precious, and so full of wisdom. Without the use of Applied Kinesiology (aka muscle testing), I don't believe healthcare practitioners can effectively advance into higher levels of healing. Oftentimes, I find that patients are stuck at lower vibrational levels due to western pharmaceuticals. And sometimes, it takes homeopathic remedies to tune chakras, and release unresolved emotional issues, before people are able to move to higher vibrational levels.

I hope this short explanation is valuable to you in understanding my journey. When I left western medicine in 2001, I thought my career was over. Now I understand that my previous career in western medicine was actually my preparation time, for this new career in Holistic medicine which is my life's purpose.